4 Exercises to Build Your Core Muscles Effectively

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1. The Russian twist
This is a very easy exercise to do; all you need is a carpet or mat placed on the floor. Find some good space so that you can freely stretch. The Russian twist is done by sitting on your mat; make sure that your knees are bent. Your feet should be flat on the mat. The next step will be to hold your arms out with your palms facing down. Make sure that your arms are well away from your chest. Next, make sure that your back is at a 45 degree angle with the floor. You can achieve this by leaning back a bit. At this point, twist to the left as far as you can and pause for a moment. Then, twist to the right and pause a bit. You can repeat this exercise up to 15 times as you get used to it. The more you do it every day, the more you strengthen your core effectively.

2. The bridge
This is an exercise routine that works a combination of your core muscles. To do this workout, ensure that your knees are bent as you lie on the mat or floor. Make sure your back is straight in a neutral position. Your hips should also remain constant on the floor without any form of tilting. The next step is to align your hips to your shoulders and knees. You will achieve this by raising your hips without tilting. Once you have attained this position, hold for about 5 seconds and then start the routine all over. This is an excellent method to keep your core strong and in great shape.

3. Bird dog moves
This is yet another easy way to work both your upper and lower abdominal glutes. On your exercise mat, get on your hands and knees. Ensure proper balancing and then lift your left leg and your right arm. Stretch them accordingly observing balance. Hold for a moment and then repeat using the opposite arm and leg. The bird dog is not just a great core exercise; but it is also great fun as well. Repeat severally each day and reap the benefits therein.

4. Climb rope
To do the climbing rope routine, sit on the floor with your legs extended; ensure toes are pointed forward. With legs in a V position, curve your spine and contract your core muscles. At this state, lift your arms and act as if you are climbing a rope. Reach for your imaginary rope and twist a bit when doing so. 15 reaches with each arm is a good start. Increase frequency as you garner more confidence.